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The Best UK Towns To Start A Business

The Best UK Towns To Start A Business - Northampton Guildhall


SME insurance provider Superscript recently reported on the most entrepreneurial towns in the UK, and the results may come as a surprise.

The company used data from the Office for National Statistics to review the number of small businesses with up to 49 employees across the country. In Northampton, this number of SMEs grew by 16% to 1,475 between 2020 and 2021. Kettering was up to 360 - an increase of 9% - making these two Northamptonshire towns the top UK places for new businesses when scored on a "businesses per capita" basis.

The full top ten list is as follows:

  1. Northampton
  2. Kettering
  3. Eastbourne
  4. Chesterfield
  5. Chorley
  6. Maidstone
  7. Horsham
  8. Oldham
  9. Barnsley
  10. Blackpool

As the pandemic has led to furloughs and more working from home opportunities for employees, workers have been reassessing their employment situations and options, leading to many switching jobs or deciding to start their own businesses.

Where Should You Start Your Business?

It isn’t the first time Northamptonshire has topped a list like this - in 2015, Northampton was named the most entrepreneurial town. This could be because the county is well-placed thanks to its central location in the country and good links to London, Oxford, Cambridge and Birmingham. It could also be because Northamptonshire businesses often benefit from the support offered for startups in the county thanks to the Local Enterprise Partnership, as well as fast and reliable internet connections - an essential tool for any company in the 21st century.

All of these factors are things you should consider when you’re thinking about starting your business. Do you need good links to other parts of the country? What is the internet speed like in your area? Is there support for startups like yours? And of course, what is the local business environment like - where are your competitors, customers and suppliers, and how are they thriving?

Do You Need A Registered Company Address?

It may be that you are happy to start your business from your home, but would like the prestige of a London address. The good news is that you can start your business in a thriving town such as Northampton, Kettering or Eastbourne and reap the benefits they have to offer, but use a London registered address. By taking advantage of Paramount’s registered address service, you can keep your own address private while enjoying the prestige of our address. It can also help you to reduce your junk mail as we’ll only forward the mail you want to receive - and you can also say goodbye to the risk of visitors turning up unannounced. Take a look at our registered company address service to find out more.

Wherever you are looking to start your own business, take a look at our company formation services and explore the ways we can help you.

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