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Read our blog posts below for information and advice on company formations, VAT registration, company types, business banking, and many other aspects of starting and building your business.

05 July 2024

What’s The Difference Between Private and Public Limited Companies?

Private Limited Companies (Ltd) and Public Limited Companies (PLC) are two distinct types of corporate entities available in the UK. For individuals looking to start a business or change their business entity, choosing the right business structure is essential, as this decision directly influences the company’s ability to raise capital, the extent of regulatory compliance…

03 May 2024

The Benefits of Buying a Vintage Company Explained

Also known as a “shelf company” or “ready-made company,” a vintage company is a pre-registered business entity that has been created and left “on the shelf” for the purpose of being sold at a later date. These companies are typically dormant and have no trading history, making them ideal options for entrepreneurs looking to save…

08 April 2024

How does VAT registration work?

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a consumption tax that businesses in the UK must collect and remit to HMRC. Understanding the rules and obligations surrounding VAT registration is essential for companies of all sizes. This guide will explore the guidelines around VAT registration and registering for VAT in the UK. What is VAT? VAT is…

07 March 2024

What Are the Benefits and Rights of a Nominee Shareholder?

In the UK, nominee shareholders play a crucial role in business operations, providing various benefits for companies looking to protect their interests, maintain privacy, and enhance overall corporate governance. This article explores the benefits of appointing a nominee shareholder for your business. What is a Nominee Shareholder? A nominee shareholder is an individual or entity…

07 February 2024

The Pros and Cons of Operating as a Private Limited Company

Starting a new business is exciting, but choosing the right business structure is a critical decision that can significantly impact your operations, legal responsibilities, and financial outcomes. Private Limited Companies are a popular choice for businesses of various sizes and industries due to their limited liability protection, flexibility, and ability to attract investment through share…

08 December 2023

How to Form a Business With Sole Proprietorship

Whether you’re looking to go freelance, work additional hours alongside your current job, or turn your passion into a profession, forming a business as a sole proprietor is a straightforward and reasonably quick process. This article outlines the benefits of this business structure and the steps you need to follow to form a business with…

03 November 2023

What Is Required To Register For VAT?

Being VAT-registered can lead to cost savings, competitive advantages and access to financial schemes offered by the government. But what is required to register for VAT? This article discusses the benefits of being VAT-registered and what is needed to do so.

02 October 2023

Is it Better to be a Sole Trader or a Limited Company?

When you’re considering starting a business, choosing the correct legal structure is one of the most important decisions you will make, as this affects everything from how you pay taxes and get paid to the level of liability you have.

18 September 2023

4 Ways To Form A Business

Setting up a business in the UK can be done in a number of ways, but all of them require registration of some sort to be legally recognised by the government.

However, before registering your company, you must decide on a business structure.

22 August 2023

Why Form a Business Partnership?

If two or more people want to join forces but don’t want to set up a limited company, a partnership offers a great alternative. This article discusses the different types of partnerships and outlines the benefits to help you decide the next step for your business.

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