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Our Blog - Nominee Shareholder

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07 March 2024

What Are the Benefits and Rights of a Nominee Shareholder?

In the UK, nominee shareholders play a crucial role in business operations, providing various benefits for companies looking to protect their interests, maintain privacy, and enhance overall corporate governance. This article explores the benefits of appointing a nominee shareholder for your business. What is a Nominee Shareholder? A nominee shareholder is an individual or entity…

07 April 2022

What is a Nominee Shareholder and What Are The Benefits of Having One?

When registering a private company, there are a number of legalities that are important to get right. This includes naming the roles of the director and shareholder, for example. This information is public record and could therefore create problems if the shareholder wishes to remain anonymous.

16 March 2022

What is a Nominee Company?

The appointment of a nominee company or shareholder will help keep the beneficiaries’ identity safe and anonymous. There are many reasons why a beneficial owner will use a nominee company, whether it be for personal or business reasons.

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