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What Is The EORI Register?

What Is The EORI Register?

The EORI Register is a replacement of the Traders Union Reference Number System, and it provides a list of businesses that are registered to trade in the EU. It was launched in July 2009 and tracks imports and exports within the EU. EORI stands from Economic Operator Registration and Identification number, and it is a legal requirement for many businesses in the UK.

Should you want to validate an EORI number , you can do so using the European Commission Taxation and Custom’s Union service. This will send a validation request, and it’s a public service.

If you wish to trade goods outside of the EU, you will require an EORI number, which will allow you to trade both legally and safely. To get down to basics, there are three forms which could apply to you and your business. It’s important to get them right and filled in correctly to avoid any potential fines and delays.

3 Types Of EORI Registration Form

  • Registered for VAT
  • Non VAT-registered and you’re exporting
  • Non VAT-registered and you’re importing

If you’re unsure on which form applies to you, then our team can assist you with our EORI number registration service. Additionally, we also provide a VAT Registration service should you want to register for VAT before your EORI number registration.

If you’re already registered for EORI, but your details have changed, it’s imperative to contact the EORI team and tell them. This could be because:

  • You have changed your business name
  • You have changed your business address
  • You have changed your VAT number
  • You have registered for VAT
  • You no longer need an EORI number
  • You wish to add or remove your business’s details from the public EORI checker

If you have any questions regarding the registration of an EORI for your business, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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