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What is the Process of Forming a Company?

Forming a company is a process of legally incorporating and registering your company with Companies House. The fastest way to do this is by completing an online application form.

What is Companies House?

Companies House is the registrar of companies in the United Kingdom, its functions are to:

  • Incorporate and dissolve limited companies
  • Store corporate information of limited companies registered in the UK
  • Make corporate information public on the official register of UK companies

What is Limited Liability?

Limited liability is on of the most relevant benefits of company formation, it provides protection to company shareholders because it limits the amount of liability that owners are responsible for. Any business debts over this are the responsibility of the limited company and not the individual.

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How to Register a Limited Company

There are three ways to register your limited company, direct to Companies House via online or post, or online via a third party such as Paramount Company Formations. Using Paramount to complete this for you is quick, easy, and efficient.

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Formation Process

Choose a Company Name

There are different rules for sole traders and business partnerships, check GOV.UK to make sure your name is compliant.

Choose a Package

We offer several company formation packages to get you started, choose the one that works best for you.

Add a Company Address

Companies must provide a registered address, this is another service that we can provide.

Complete the Application Form

The following information must be provided to complete your application:

  • Company name
  • Registered office address
  • Description of business activities (SIC code)
  • Director’s details (minimum of one, must be least 16 years old)
  • Shareholder’s or guarantor’s details (minimum of one)
  • Secretary details (optional)
  • Information about People with Significant Control
  • Statement of capital
  • Supporting documentation

Submit Your Application

We will check your application before submitting it to Companies House and you will be notified by email when your registration is approved. Your confirmation email will contain digital copies of share certificates (if applicable), a certificate of incorporation, and the memorandum and articles of association.

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If you’re ready to run a limited company and would like help with setting up, look at our company formation packages or call 0800 0198 698 to speak to our professional team.

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