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Our Blog - Vintage Companies

Read our blog posts below for information and advice on company formations, VAT registration, company types, business banking, and many other aspects of starting and building your business.

03 May 2024

The Benefits of Buying a Vintage Company Explained

Also known as a “shelf company” or “ready-made company,” a vintage company is a pre-registered business entity that has been created and left “on the shelf” for the purpose of being sold at a later date. These companies are typically dormant and have no trading history, making them ideal options for entrepreneurs looking to save…

21 October 2021

Why Should You Buy a Vintage Dormant Company?

Vintage dormant companies create the best impression if you are looking to grow from a “standing start.” Vintage dormant companies have a much longer Companies House history than a recently registered shell company.

25 May 2021

What Is a Vintage Company?

Vintage companies, aged shelf companies and old companies are all companies that have been registered with Companies House over a period of time. Although these companies may have not previously traded, they will have previously submitted Confirmation Statements, Company Accounts and Director Appointments to be filed at Companies House.

25 May 2021

What are the Benefits of Buying an Off The Shelf Company?

When it comes to starting your own business, you have a major choice ask yourself and your prospective business partners. Do you want to start your new business from scratch, or buy an off the shelf company?

25 May 2021

Why Buy A Vintage Company?

Discover the differences between Ready Made and Vintage Companies, and the benefits of buying Vintage.

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