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Our Blog - EORI Registration

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10 August 2021

What Is The EORI Register?

The EORI Register is a replacement of the Traders Union Reference Number System, and it provides a list of businesses that are registered to trade in the EU. It was launched in July 2009 and tracks imports and exports within the EU. EORI stands from Economic Operator Registration and Identification number, and it is a legal requirement for many businesses in the UK.

10 August 2021

Everything You Need To Know About EORI

Obtaining an EORI number is a legal requirement if you wish to trade (import or export) goods outside of the EU. It was introduced in 2009, and allows you, or your business, you to trade safely. Depending on whether or not you are VAT registered in the UK, will depend on which form you will need to complete, and Paramount Formations can help with this.

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