EORI Number Registration£23.99 +VAT

An EORI Number is unique throughout the European Community, assigned by HMRC for goods being imported into the UK. We offer a fast and efficient EORI Registration service.

Think You Need An EORI?

You will need an GB EORI number if you are shipping goods into or outside of the U.K with countries NOT in the European Union. This can be very complicated to do. We can usually get this for you in around four working hours.


What Is An EORI Number?

An EORI number is a number, unique throughout the European Community, assigned by a customs authority in a Member State to economic operators (businesses) or persons. By registering for customs purposes in one Member State, an Economic Operator (EO) is able to obtain an EORI number which is valid throughout the Community. The EO will then use this number in all communications with any EC customs authorities where a customs identifier is required for example customs declarations.

This number will only be issued to clients with goods already being shipped and cannot be issued unless this is the case. We only issue these numbers for goods going into or out of the U.K.


Who Needs An Economic Operator Registration And Identification (EORI) Number?

You need an Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number if you are required to provide pre-arrival/pre-departure information for goods, or are involved in the import, export or movement of goods under a transit procedure. New security law means that you must declare your goods arriving or leaving the European Union within set time limits. You will need an UK EORI number to complete an Entry Summary Declaration or an Exit Summary Declaration.


EORI Application

To get your GB EORI number, simply purchase our EORI Registration package we will begin the EORI application process for you. We can usually process them in four hours.


* All timescales are dependent on how busy Companies House/HMRC are and if their system is operating normally

* All prices are plus VAT

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