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Incorporation Year

Company Name Company Location Incorporation Date Price
METRO BANDIT LTD London 09/04/2021 £279.99 +VAT
LORDSTAR LTD London 18/11/2020 £499.99 +VAT

Frequently Asked Questions

Off the Shelf Companies

They come with all the benefits of a ready made company but with the added bonus of being registered with Companies House for a significant period – providing your business with instant history, trustworthiness and creditworthiness. Find out more about our vintage companies.

Ready made limited companies for sale

We have an extensive list of Companies House registered company names that are ready to trade immediately, so purchasing a ready made limited company is only a few steps away.

The first step to buying a ready made company is choosing a name from our extensive list below. After purchase confirmation, an ownership questionnaire is sent to you immediately by email to gather the necessary details to complete your order.

The following documents are supplied when purchasing a ready made company:

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • 4 printed copies of the Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Free Combined Register including Share Certificates
  • Minutes and Register of Members
  • Share Transfer forms
  • Certificate of Non Trading
  • All government registration Documents

Also included are the solicitors fees, Companies House fees and electronic filing of the new director's details. (This does not include filing of the confirmation statement or amending the sic code). These ready made companies also come with a free registered address for two months.

For us to meet our promise of a quick service, please try and return the required information as quickly as possible. As soon as the necessary information has been returned, we will complete your order and send you your limited company.

We also offer VAT registered companies for sale. Our All In One Formations package consists of an company formation with VAT registration and free business bank account, if you are looking for a complete company formation solution. This offer is for UK clients, overseas clients usually open the bank account in their own country. To apply for a Tide bank account you’ll need a valid UK mobile number, and a device that’s linked to a UK App or Google Play store. In some cases, Tide may need to run some additional checks to process your application.

Due to the current high level of credit card fraud no authorisation codes will be released until we are satisfied that the payment is secure.

What is a ready made company?

A ready made company is simply a company that’s been registered by Companies House. These are newly registered companies. You can easily buy a ready made company from Paramount Formations as we have a quick and efficient process to make you the owner of a ready made company in no time!

Ready made companies can be bought for many reasons. You might want to buy a ready made company if you are looking for a name that will suit your business needs, but can’t find anything suitable. Another reason for purchasing a ready made company might be because you need a company to fill a contract? All of our ready made companies are ready for sale and for immediate use. What’s more, we can guarantee that they have not previously traded.

What are the benefits of purchasing a ready made company?

Our ready-made company packages take care of the administrative and legal paperwork to get your new company set up within hours, and they all come with twelve months free business banking. Find out more about why a ready-made company will start you off on the right foot.

Ready made companies and bank accounts

As part of the Ready Made Companies package, you are entitled to a Free Business Bank account for 12 months as part of the Barclays New Business Introducers scheme. For further details, visit our Business Bank Account page.

If you’re overseas, you can benefit from our partnership with Tide, an e-money account provider offering easy to use business accounts with no monthly fees or credit checks. Find out more and get a year of free transfers through us.

Vintage Companies

Paramount Formations has a substantial number of pre-existing historic registered companies which can offer you clear business benefits above using a new company formation.

If you can't see a company name that you like? Why not ask our live chat to see what other names we have available!

What is a vintage company?

Vintage companies, aged shelf companies and old companies are all companies that have been registered with Companies House over a period of time. There are many benefits to buying a vintage company, and they are more flexible than you may at first think. Find out more in our blog post What is a Vintage Company?

What are the benefits of buying a vintage company?

When you buy a vintage company, you can enjoy all of the extras that come with a ready made company, with added benefits including:

  • Trustworthiness – An older company is often seen as being more trustworthy. With age comes experience, and this makes it a more appealing company to trade with.
  • Creditworthiness – Some businesses only accept bids for contracts from businesses that have been registered for a number of years. Financiers are far less likely to want to lend to a brand new limited company, while a vintage company is much more likely to receive support.
  • Established security – Vintage companies are already registered with Companies House. This means you won’t need to worry about the name being rejected as it has already been on the register for some period of time.
On completion we will send you
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • 4 Printed copies of the Memorandum and articles of association
  • Free combined Register including
  • Share Certificates
  • Minutes and Register of Members
  • Share Transfer forms
  • Certificate of Non Trading

Why Choose Paramount Company Formations

There are many reasons why you should choose Paramount Company Formations for your business needs. Here are the great benefits of working with us:

Over forty years of Company Formations experience.

We can form your Company in three working hours.

We have qualified and extremely helpful staff.

Company Formations are registered with you as the first owner.

We provide a quick simple complete service.

We have thousands of regular clients including Accountants and Solicitors.

Free online start up guide.

Free Barclays Bank account with all Company Formations.

Partners with Tide e‑money can offer you a year of free transfers.

Call 0800 0198 698 or contact us online if you would like to get in touch, or browse our products in the menu above to get started.